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About us

BrandCare S.A. is an Iberian company, incorporated in 2013, which acts in the area of FMCG products.

Counting in its current portfolio several brands acquired from the American multinational Colgate-Palmolive and the national manufacturer Mistolin SA.

The brands acquired, play today a major role in the Iberian market, mostly with leadership positions or vice market leadership, in the areas of Personal Care and Care of the House. In Portugal we highlight the brands Super Pop, Mistolin, Feno de Portugal and Javisol, while in Spain, the brands Cristasol, Xanpa, Hércules and Tacto stand out.

In January 2017 BrandCare joined the group Sodalis, an Italian family group that produces and distributes consumer products for more than 25 years and has achieved remarkable success through its ability to integrate and develop new business. It is present in several European countries, being leader in Italy in the Personal Care, Cosmetic and Domestic Hygiene business, through very attractive and recognized brands: Tesori d'Oriente, Vidal, Lycia, Biopoint, L'Arbre Vert, Wash & Go, Leocrema , Fresh & Clean, Strep, Denim, Mantovani, Depilzero, Noxzema, among others.

This new stage is a real opportunity for BrandCare to bring innovation and value in the categories where it operates.